Ballintubber Abbey

Please visit Ballintubber Abbey in Co. Mayo. This beautiful historic Abbey was founded over 800 years ago (see pictures below). Step into the Chapel of Adoration,  there is exposition of the Blessed sacrament from 9.30 am to 12 o’clock midnight seven days of the  week. Exposition commences each day after Mass and the Rosary and other prayers recited by the Mass goers for the intentions of the parish and indeed the whole world.

Contemplative Prayer (Lectio Divina)

  • Listen to a Sacred reading and reflect on its meaning  (lectio)
  • Meditate in silence using a method from the Christian tradition  (meditatio)
  • Listen or recite the Lord’s Prayer in your chosen language (oratio)

Rosary Reflection

  • Listen to a Rosary Reflection,  a prayer where one reflects on the important events in the life of Jesus and his Mother Mary. Select One for the relevant day:

     Joyful Mysteries(Mon&Sat)         Sorrowful Mysteries(Tues&Fri)

    Glorious Mysteries(Wed&Sun)          Luminous Mysteries(Thurs)


Pilgrim Path

From Ballintubber Abbey stretching out to Croagh Patrick is Tóchar Phádraig, the ancient pilgrim path. After St Patrick’s time pilgrims began to traverse the road to the holy mountain and over time it became known as Tóchar Phádraig or St Patrick’s Causeway. As you walk the Tóchar’, whether on foot or in fantasy, you will be going not only on a spiritual pilgrimage, but on a cultural and historical journey down through the ages.

Tóchar Phádraig is now part of the new Celtic Camino which links Ireland’s Pilgrim Paths with Camino de Santiago Compostela. This provides Irish pilgrims with a great opportunity to do part of the Camino in Ireland  before starting Camino Ingles in A Coruña. Passports for Ireland’s Medieval Pilgrim paths are now available at Ballintubber Abbey, this map shows all the pilgrim paths in Ireland.


Restoration Project

Ballintubber Abbey has a major reconstruction program ongoing, there is an option to make a voluntary donation to the costs if you wish to do so.


History of Ballintubber Abbey

Ballintubber Abbey was founded by King Cathal Crovdearg O’Conor – Cathal Mór of the wine-red hand. He was of the royal race of the O’Connors, King of Connacht and notable patrons of the arts. The Cross of Cong, one of our national treasures, was designed for his father, Turlach O’Connor.

Though there are many references in the ancient annals to 1216 as the year of its foundation, the circumstances are shrouded in legend. Cathal was the natural son of King Turloch. Before he ascended the throne of his father he was in flight from the vengeance of Turloch’s queen … There are several referrals in the annals of Irish History to the abbey of Tobar Patraic. The annals of the Four Masters tell of the burning of part of the Abbey in 1265. It would seem as if this burning was confined to the nave. This part of the church was rebuilt in 1270 and even today differences in the style of the building may be noticed.

The strongest tradition is that the Mass has been said in the Abbey without a break since the year of it’s foundation in 1216. We have often heard of the heroic struggle of the Irish people to keep the faith in spite of dungeons, fire and sword. Nothing emphasises this fact more for us than the story of Ballintubber Abbey. For 236 years the people were attending Mass in the unroofed Abbey exposed to the cold and the wind and the rain.”