Glenstal Abbey

Please visit Glenstal Abbey in Murroe, Co. Limerick. Glenstal Abbey is home to a community of over thirty monks who strive to live according to the Rule of St Benedict and the precepts of the gospel. The Abbey is home to a boarding school for boys, a farm, a guesthouse and a monastic community. The presence of a praying community gives to Glenstal its unique character.

There is a live video stream here from the Abbey Church in Glenstal Abbey where you can join the Benedictine Monks in celebrating Holy Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. The monks gather in the Abbey Church several times each day for the Liturgy of the Hours and for Mass. When they do, much of their prayer is sung. Chant, in both English and Latin, is the medium through which the all the psalms and canticles of the daily offices and the parts of the Mass are sung.

Glenstal Abbey has a major development program ongoing, there is an option to make a voluntary donation to the costs if you wish to do so.

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