ANAM ĊARA – Wisdom from the Celtic World

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One invaluable resource that is available online is the ability to purchase and listen to digital audio books. One audio book that stands out as essential listening is the beautiful audio book of Celtic Wisdom and Spirituality by John O’ Donohue,  narrated by John himself entitled
Anam Ċara Wisdom from the Celtic World 

In one passage from the spirituality of the senses, John describes beautifully the link between breathing and the human soul.

“The world of breath and breathing, with the deep world of prayer and meditation where through the rhythm of the breath, you come down into your own primordial level of soul and that you begin to experience there a place within you which is absolutely intimate with the divine ground.”
(O’ Donohue, John. Anam Ċara Wisdom from the Celtic World.  Narrated by John O’ Donohue, Sounds True, 1996. Audiobook,  8 CDs or 1 Download)

For more information, please see John’s website:

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