Into Great Love: Mindfulness Meditations (Christian)

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This audio meditation combines mindfulness and mysticism practices to invite the listener into Great love. John F Doherty  designed and taught a course called “The Art of Sacred Stillness” in All Hallows.  These modules were taught as part of the Adult Learners BA degree program in All Hallows. The content in the meditations is loosely based on Evelyn Underhill’s book Mysticism and also draws on Christian mystics like John of the Cross Teresa of Avila and Thomas Aquinas. It also includes quotes from Eckhart Tolle and Richard Tour. 

There is  track for each day of the week:

1. Introduction – listen to sample (Monday)

2. Awakening (Tuesday)

3. Purification (Wednesday)

4. illimation (Thursday)

5. The Dark Night (Friday)

6. Mystical Union (Saturday)

7. The Mystics Return (Sunday)




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