Liturgy of Peace – Kyiv Chamber Choir

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The bridge between western and eastern liturgical traditions after 1000 years old alienation. Greek Divine Liturgy is dressed by the author in the melodies of ancient Gregorian chorals with minimal adaptation that way creating a synthesis of both cultures

Liturgy of Peace (De Angelis) — Chants from the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, were first sung by Archbishop Ionafan in the melodious style of ancient Gregorian surroundings. Gregorian singing (choral) and its ancient melodies were sung without the inclusion of musical instruments, song.  Melodious sources and origins of Gregorian chorals derive from synagogical (antiphonal) psalm melodies, Byzantine hymns and ancient world music. Several types of Chorale Church Music exist. Specific notice is deserved to the ancient-Roman songs of the VII-VIII centuries.

These actual chants were placed into the foundation of Gregorian chorals until the VIII-IX centuries until the systematic Gregorian eight-toned foundational singing arose. In the East this process ceased a century earlier (Eight Tones of St. John Damascene), in time the Gregorian chorale became the basis of all European professional music and its rightful name should be “The Musical Teacher of Europe”.


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