Maranatha Yoga : A Preparation For Christian Meditation

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This book is a means of connecting with our spiritual selves through the practice of Maranatha Yoga and meditation, which has been developed by the author through the experience of teaching yoga for over 30 years.

The physicality of the postures with the mindful, meditative qualities of the Christian reflections allow the participant to connect with their whole selves, and reconciles the misconceptions about yoga in a Christian context.

This is an illustrated, practical handbook for those new to yoga or for those with years of experience of the various postures, prayers and meditation practised in Maranatha Yoga. It can be used by individuals as a companion to suppor t and sustain their personal practice at home, as a guide for yoga practitioners wanting to explore incorporating Christian spirituality into their routine practice or by yoga teachers looking for a way to integrate Christian spirituality into their yoga classes.


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