Christian meditation is an ancient  practice. Meditation is a way of pure prayer marked by silence, stillness and simplicity. It helps people of all ages, cultures and beliefs to find a simple, practical and meaningful way to awaken and deepen their spiritual life leading them to inner peace. Many Christians have recovered contact with their own tradition of meditation, or contemplative prayer. Sitting in silence for 20 minutes is the most common duration for meditation. There are a number of methods you can use to meditate, they are described below.

“The world of breath and breathing, with the deep world of prayer and meditation where through the rhythm of the breath, you come down into your own primordial level of soul and that you begin to experience there a place within you which is absolutely intimate with the divine ground.”
John O’ Donohue – Anam Ċara Wisdom from the Celtic World

Use the arrow on the side of the window below to select a meditation timer. Then in silence mindfully meditate in the Christian tradition
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How to Meditate – choosing a method

There are three different methods of meditation that you can choose from to follow your preferred way of meditating in the Christian Tradition. If you are new to meditation, try each method and be guided by the Holy Spirit on which method works best for you. When you choose a method, try to stick to it. There are links below with detailed guides on each method:

Christian Meditation Centering Prayer

Christian Meditation “Maranatha” Mantra

YAHWEH Prayer Meditation


There is an Online Meditation Chapel which is an online multi-faith community of contemplatives. The vision of the Meditation Chapel is to nurture unity and world peace through the sharing of divine stillness and sacred listening. They support groups of all faith traditions in offering and sharing the contemplative experience through the sacramental use of technology. If you are called to find the sacred in the stillness, they are there for you.

They invite meditation groups from every faith tradition to use their online chapels. They invite mediators from all faith traditions to participate in any of their groups. They hope you find a loving and compassionate spiritual home there as many others have.

If you are interested in joining a Meditation Chapel group online please register at their website .  There is a Meditation Chapel group based in Dublin that hold an online meditation at 6pm each evening in the Wisdom Chapel, open to all.

Also, the Centering Prayer group in Ireland provide information on Christian Meditation at . There is also the WCCM group in Ireland with information on Christian Meditation. Visit their website at