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Pathways to Awakening your Inner World is an innovative self-directed guide on how you can experience mindful meditation, daily prayer and Christian Spiritual reading, all on audio-visual media. (audio/video purchased separately). There is a bestselling Christian spiritual audio book selected, narrated by its author, that enables you to listen to and absorb the wisdom on offer from this Christian spiritual book.

This guide includes watching the beautiful video documentary on Pilgrimage in Ireland. There are also links provided in the guide to Christian Prayers and Meditations that can be practiced, enhancing the experience of listening to the spiritual audio book. The links are taken from this website please explore the other content on the website at your leisure.

The audio book and video must be downloaded  onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer with earphones needed to listen to content. It is self-directed and all content is fully available online. This is a novel approach to a self-directed guide which takes advantage of the digital technology at our disposal today, an aid that did not exist just a few short years ago.

The guide provides a combined, holistic experience of Spiritual learning, Prayer and Meditation using the best audio-visual mediums available today. For those who wish to harvest the fruits of prayer and meditation, a key element is to set aside a time of Solitude and Silence. We hope this self-directed guide helps you find new pathways to awakening your inner world and brings some harmony to your Body, Mind and Soul.

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