Prayer of Heart and Body : Meditation and Yoga as Christian Spiritual Practice

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A practical -how-to- guide for persons who want to learn how to meditate or practice yoga in a way that is consistent with their Christian faith. “Physical exercises are but the skin of yoga; its sinews and skeleton are mental exercises that prepare the way for a transformation of consciousness which is always a gift of God and a work of grace,” writes Fr. Thomas Ryan. The poses center and ground us and keep us in the present moment. He believes rightly that to carry God in our bodies is both a privilege and a responsibility.

In the first section of this helpful paperback, Fr. Ryan discusses meditation as the prayer of the heart. He covers subjects such as historical highlights of Christian meditation, the use of a sacred word, dealing with distractions, learning to let go, and more. In the second section, the author looks at yoga as the prayer of the body with material on the bridging of East and West, the heart of yoga practice, how yoga can help a Christian pray, its holistic benefits, and more.


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