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Sounds True have created the world’s largest living library of transformational teachings that support and accelerate spiritual awakening and personal transformation. They make this living library available on multiple media platforms and in multiple languages for people of today and for future generations.

Sounds True partner with the leading spiritual teachers on the planet to make their teachings accessible through books, audio programs, online learning experiences, and in-person events.

Sounds True bring people together to connect and accelerate the journey of personal growth and awakening. They provide a trustworthy and safe online home for spiritual explorers, where you can show up with authenticity and meet others on the path. They warmly welcome beginners while remaining true to the depth and challenges of the spiritual journey.

Once you go to Sounds True, use the Search facility to find your author of interest.
Recommended Authors
Daniel J. Siegel          Jon Kabat-Zinn
John O’Donohue      Noirin Ni Riain
Father Murray Bodo        Fr. Richard Rohr
Eckhart Tolle       Seane Corn

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